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Once a man was coming with an egg. The egg was closed in his fist.
Sheikhchilli happened to be coming from the other side. Naturally he asked the man, “What are you carrying in your fist?”
The man thought it was a good chance to rake up silly brain of Sheikhchilli. So, he said, “Sheikhchilli, you are the wisest guy of our village. You must be able to guess it with the clues I am going to give you. I must get the benefit of your wisdom.”
“Alright.” Sheikhchilli proudly said.
“I have in my fist someting that has yellow yolk in the centre, white jelly outside and it’s covered with a white hard shell. Guess what is it?”
“Let me think,” said Sheikhchilli and he began exercising his mind. It looked a big riddle to him. He thought, thought, thought and thought. Then he had a brain wave.
The solution flashed through his empty mind.
“It is a mango in the middle surrounded by curd and the curd is in a clay pot that is white washed.”
The man laughed and announced, “That’s great, Sheikhchilli. No one else could have guessed.”
The man went home laughing all the way.
Sheikhchilli also laughed merrily at the man who could do such a stupid thing. Why put a nice mango in curd and a white washed pot?

Moral : A foolish person never talks wise.

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