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There were many mice living in a godown. They lived happily and ate grains. But for the fear of a cat who was a regular visitor to the godown, they were passing their days in danger of getting eaten. Whenever the cat came, the mice ran helter and skelter in panic to hide. But still the cat was able to eat at least two or three mice in a raid.
The cat had become a real big trouble for the mice. So, one day they called a meeting to find a solution to the problem.
Many suggestions were given only to be disapproved by the others. One mouse said, “We should close the gate of the godown permanently so that the cat would not come.”
The other mouse said, “It is impossible. We don’t own the godown. I think we should have an alarm bell to warn as of the arrival of the cat.”
An idea struck the mind of another mouse. He said, “A bell should be tied to the neck of the cat. It will jingle every time the cat moves to alert us.”
Everyone approved the idea and all the mice began to dance happily.
But an old mouse was not amused. It stood up and said, “The idea is very good. But tell me, who will bell the cat?”
All the mice fell silent. One mouse said, “The one who has given the suggestion should tie the bell.”
While the bell was being given to the mouse, a stampede started. The cat had entered the godown. All the mice ran to their holes. But the mouse with the bell fell into the claws of the cat.

Moral : An idea is good only if practical.

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