Three Donkey Loads

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The Emperor and his two sons often used to go to the river to take bath. Sometimes, Birbal too accompanied the royal family.
Once, as usual they went for a bath in the Yamuna river along with Birbal. The Emperor with his two sons descended into the river water after undressing. Birbal watched them silently. After a while Birbal put the clothes of the three royals on his shoulder for safety.
He stood quietly on the bank guarding the royal belongings while Emperor and his sons happily enjoyed their bath.
The Emperor always looked for an opportunity to tease Birbal. He quietly told his sons, “Let us make fun of Birbal!”
He said, “Birbal, you seem to be standing with a donkey load on your shoulder!”
Birbal replied quickly, “Huzoor, not one but I stand here with a total load of three donkeys!”
Akbar felt embarrassed because their clothes were on Birbal’s shoulder.

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