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One morning, Birbal was taking a stroll in a park. A man approached him and asked, “Could you please tell me where I can meet Birbal?”
“In a park,” answered Birbal.
The man paused for a while and then asked Birbal, “Where does he live?”
“In his house,” answered Birbal.
The man paused again. Then he again asked Birbal, “Why don't you tell me his full address?”
“Because you didn’t ask for it?” said Birbal loudly.
“Can’t you understand what I want to ask?” asked the man.
“No,” Birbal said.
The man fell silent. Birbal kept on walking.
The man thought he should ask if that man knew Birbal. So, he approached Birbal again. “Well, just tell me — do you know Birbal?” said the man.
“Yes, I do,” replied Birbal.
“What is your name?” asked the man.
The man was shocked! He was asking for Birbal from Birbal himself and Birbal didn’t disclose that he himself was Birbal. Strange!
“What a strange character you are!” The man looked annoyed. “I was asking about you and you were not telling me the straight truth. Why did you do that?”
“I simply answered your questions,” replied Birbal.
The man began to laugh.
The man, now wiser, came to the point and revealed to Birbal that he needed his help to solve a family problem. Birbal happily agreed to help him.

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