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One day Sheikhchilli’s mother had just washed clothes and put them out to dry. Then, she got busy in cooking food while Sheikhchilli lay on his cot and indulged in day dreaming.
Outside, a strom was building up quietly. Suddenly, it unleashed its fury. With a great speed it swept the village. Dust had made seeing impossible. Most of the people had just enough time to shut their doors and windows. Same was the case with Sheikhchilli’s household.
Then, Sheikhchilli’s mother remembered about the cloths she had hung out to dry. She peeped out of the door slit. The wind had blown away all her washings.
When the storm subsided she ran out to look for the missing clothes. She was not alone. Many other villagers were out looking for their blown away things.
After a long time of looking around she returned with almost all the clothes she found scattered all over the village and outside.
She informed Sheikhchilli, “Son, I found all the clothes but for your pyjama. I know where it is. I saw it. It is floating in the village well. Fish it out or someone else will take it. Sad thing.”
“Sadl!” Sheikhchilli exclaimed. “Mother! It is a matter of joy. You must thank Allah!”
“Why! How it is matter of joy?” his mother asked utterly puzzled.
“Had I been wearing that pyjama I would have been in that well drowned and dead by now!”
The mother gave her son a pitiful look. The son wondered why his wisdom was not being appreciated.

Moral : Never talk wisdom to a fool.

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