One should listen to requests

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Once there was a large garden with many fruit trees. The gardener used to water the plants and trees regularly.
One day the gardener saw that one tree was dying. Its leaves had fallen. It was a barren tree now. He planned to cut down the tree.
When the gardener went to the tree, he saw that many birds had made their nests on the branches, and in the hollow of the tree. He did not bother about the nests and took out his axe to chop down the old tree.
A bird came out of the nest and prayed to the gardener—
“Sir, I live here. This is my house. I have laid my eggs here. Please do not cut this tree.”
But the gardener paid no attention to her pleas. Many other birds also came and pleaded for mercy. The gardener was heartless. He had decided to fell the tree for wood. As soon as he brought down his axe on a branch, it struck a honeycomb that was invisible being inside the branches. The swarms of bees attacked the gardener.
The gardener left his axe and fled. The bees chased him. He found a black blanket lying on a cot in the garden. He grabbed it and wrapped it around himself.
Now he was safely covered by the black blanket, and the bees could not get to him. The bees went back to their honeycomb.
The gardener had managed to save himself from getting stung. He gave up the idea of cutting the tree.

Moral : Some people are deaf to requests of others but they do understand  when given stinging lesson.

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