Wonderful Cock

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Mulla Nasruddin loved to have pets around his house. So, he had bought a lamb and a cock. The lamb pranced around his house and the cock would fly to the fence to crow. The cock was a very healthy and impressive creature. The people often admired the cock.
One day, the cock was crowing perched on the fence. An out-of-town man was passing by the house of Mulla Nasruddin. The man stared at the cock and couldn’t help remarking, “What a magnificient bird! Should be the best in whole of Bukhara.”
Mulla Nasruddin was nearby. He heard the words said by the stranger. He said, “Yes. My cock is an amazing bird. You wouldn’t believe how useful he is.”
“Tell me,” the stranger asked.
"Once my lamb was trying to swim in a pond. And it started drowing. This cock flew to the pond and pulled the lamb out to safety by holding the lamb tail in its beak."
“That’s incredible!” the stranger said truly amazed.
“That’s not all. One day as I was sleeping my house caught fire. I could have burnt to death. But this cock flew in through the window, tugged at my blanket and made loud warning clucks. I woke up and managed to put out the fire. I owe my life to him.”
“Fantastic!” The stranger was looking at the cock in utter amazement.
Mulla Nasruddin revealed more.
“There is more my dear man. Once a dacoit broke into my compound. He was a dreaded thief of horses, camels and donkeys. As he was taking away my donkey, this cock saw him. It flew at him and stabbed its beak into the surprised dacoit’s right eye. His eye burst. Before he could scream my cock gave him a few slaps with its powerful wings. The dacoit fell down and passed out. We nabbed him. Later it was discovered that the same dacoit had stolen Sultan’s horse and there was a prize of 100 gold coins on his head. I received that prize. Thanks to my wonderful cock.”
The stranger was listening now with his mouth open. Just then the cock hopped around on one leg. The stranger was shocked. He asked, “Sir, it looks that your cock has only one leg. Very strange. What happened to its other leg?”
Mulla Nasruddin looked sheepish. Then he spoke, “Well...you see...how could I eat whole of such a talented bird!”

Moral : Never trust a boastful person.

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