A Ride in Delhi Metro

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I live in Chandigarh with my parents. My maternal uncle lives in Delhi. Last summer I came to Delhi with my mother. I was told that A ride in its world class metro was a must.

On our request my uncle took me and my mother to G.T.B. Nagar metro station near Mukherjee Nagar. It was underground. We were frisked by security man. Then I was led a floor down to platform.

We waited there. Within a minute a gleaming metro train streaked in. We went in as the doors opened. Inside it was neat, clean and shiny.  We sat down. A lot of passengers were standing.

Within seconds the train moved on. Then every 1½-2 minutes stations came, door opened people exited, new ones walked in, doors closed and the train moved on. It was working like a magic.

In flat 18 minutes we reached Rajiv Chowk where we got out through escalators.

It was an amazing experience. I could hardly wait to tell my friends back home.

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