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I am Mariam, an eight year old girl. Diana is my elder sister. She is 13 years old.

We are a Roman Catholic family of Goa. My sister Diana is very pretty. I wish I were also pretty like her. Diana is good at studies too. Her general knowledge is amazing.

Diana dresses stylishly. She likes fashions. Most of the time I find her reading magazines on fashion and movies.

When there is Miss India or Miss World contests being covered live on TV, my sister  Diana remains glued to it. Never for a moment she leaves TV until the programme is over.

Her dream is to become Miss India and then Miss World. I wish her dream comes true. She really deserves it. She is remarkable combination of beauty and brain.

She does not hide her dream. Our father and mother are not against it. They are very supportive and encourage her. I am sure Diana will make us proud.

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