A Visit to Zoo

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Zoo is a place where wild animals are kept in cages and enclosures. It is the only place where city-folk can see them in reality.

I wanted to see those great creatures live. I asked my uncle Pervez to take me to the zoo on Sunday. He took me on his bike to the zoo.

He bought tickets and we went in. I saw tree tall giraffe. In another cage there was a zebra with its stripes. A leopard growled at me. I winced. In an enclosure a lion sat with three lionesses around him. Then there were two big bears in an enclosure. From a cage a gorilla made faces at me. It amused me.

Various kinds of deer grazed about. Panda and Teddybear looked cute.

There were a lot of lovely birds on trees and cages. Tigers in huge cages were very impressive. I had a close look at several of those fine creatures.

For four hours we roamed about. It was a very satisfying day for me. I thanked uncle Pervez for obliging me.

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