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Every family has a family doctor to whom its members go when they are sick. The doctor knows every member of the family by name and health problems. He has a record of each member.

The kids of a family call him doctor uncle. The doctor also addresses them as son or daughter.

Dr. Mathur is our ‘Doctor Uncle’. His wife is also a doctor. They run their clinic together. Mrs. Mathur attends to my mother and sister. My father, and I are treated by Dr. Mathur.

Dr. Mathur is a nice guy. He asks about my school grades and how my homework was going. I used to get scared when I had tooth problems. He put me at ease. My problem tooth was pulled out causing little pain to me. He often tells me some jokes.

Doctor uncle makes me open my mouth and say ‘Aaaa’ while he examines my teeth and tongue. He treated me when I had mumps once and when I was sick with chicken pox. Now I don’t feel scared of him.

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