A True Friend

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Everyone of us needs a true friend who can help us in our dire need. Most of the people flock around us in our good times but run away in bad circumstances. They respect us in our good days, but begin to insult and degrade us in our bad days. They are not our friends.

A true friend does not isolate us in our bad times. He renders every possible help in adversity and stays with us like a rock.

He gives us right guidance and shows us the right way of life. He does not misguide us.

A true friend forbids us from cheating others or telling a lie. He forbids us from insulting others or letting others down for our own selfish interests.

A true friend always remains loyal to everyone, including us. We are the most lucky people of the world if we have a true friend by our side.

Never forget the saying: ‘A friend in need is the friend indeed.

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